VAT exemption (Article 39A)

According to Article 39A of the VAT Code, MacBook, iPhone and iPad laptop invoices are exempt from VAT. In the iSystem eshop, if you register having requested the issuance of an invoice, you will see the prices of the above products before VAT and will issue you the corresponding tax-free document, either for personal business information or for businesses.

Before sending the product to you, iSystem will confirm through the special platform that the business is active and subject to a normal VAT regime. You are requested to make the payment from the bank account of the company to which the invoice will be issued.

The provision in question was established for reasons of combating fraud and tax evasion and constitutes an integration of the relevant possibility given to the member states by article 199a of Directive 2006/112/EC.

Enter your VAT number and find out immediately if you are entitled to an exemption

You have entered an incorrect VAT number

You are not eligible for exemption.

You are entitled to an exemption for purchases from the smartphone, laptop & tablet categories.

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