Methods of Ordering

To order the products you are interested in and make your purchases through our online store, select the products you are interested in by placing them in the Shopping Cart. Once you have finished shopping, click on the Shopping Cart and complete your order by following the steps indicated.

For available products, payment can be made:

1. Directly, using a credit or debit card.

2. By bank deposit within twenty-four hours of placing the order.

3. By bank deposit within seven days of placing the order, as long as an advance payment of more than 30% of the value of the goods has been made.

If an order is not paid within the above timeframes, iSystem may release the products, canceling the order. Unavailable products may be ordered without payment. However, in exceptional cases (such as the high value of the product or due to its special characteristics) iSystem reserves the right to request the advance payment of its total value or part of it, if it deems it necessary. In these cases the payment can only be returned after ninety days and if the product is not available.